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The 顶石咨询 Experience

A Five Decade Legacy.

Capstone PresentationThe 顶石咨询 Experience gives students the opportunity to solve a strategic problem facing an organization. Since its launch in 1973 as one of the first student consulting and research programs in the U.S., the 顶石咨询 Experience has prepared graduate students to consult with business leaders. MBA students in the Capstone Consulting Experience have completed over 900 projects for more than 500 companies including Fortune 1000 firms, entrepreneurial ventures and nonprofit organizations.

Real-World Education. Innovative Solutions.

The 顶石咨询 Experience is the culmination of a MBA student's education put into practice to address an organization’s strategic or operational issues. 学生 combine work experience and knowledge from their practical business education to develop solutions for their client firms.

Real, Actionable Results.

The 顶石咨询 Experience provides a cost-effective solution for corporations, nonprofits, and governments that lack the time, budgets, or human resources to address specific strategic initiatives. Consulting projects are carried out by teams of students working under the supervision of a professor with extensive consulting and project management experience. 

The 顶石咨询 Experience has been a valuable resource for hundreds of organizations, providing actionable solutions to business problems or opportunities for growth. 

capstone_taylor_publishing_quote“Perhaps we could have gotten here without The 顶石咨询 Experience, but we got here faster and more organized, while keeping the identity of our niche.”- Randy Marston, President, Taylor Publishing Co., on the revelation of one of their most profitable product lines, specialty book publishing.

 Our Student  Experiences

Dallas 顶石咨询 Presentation"It's not a textbook anymore; you're learning how to speak to executives, shaking their hands, building rapport and hopefully providing good, informed decisions to improve a client's practice." - 约翰·罗斯,15届MBA

"The experience challenged me to thoroughly analyze every decision I make, to listen intently and respect differing opinions, and especially to stay focused throughout a demanding project." - Kimberly Vilayvanh, MBA '15

"As students, we're given the opportunity to work with a 'live' company and apply our knowledge and skills in a real-world environment. Our decisions are going to be observed and scrutinized by a company’s CEO and top management. Feedback will be given according 按照他们的标准." - Jessica Blanco, MBA '15


Past Capstone Clients